VI-SON Submersible cables are a specialized product designed with custom made PVC grades to perform in harsh operating conditions. These PVC insulated and Sheathed Flat 3-core cables are made as per IS 694-1990 standards. Conductor: The conductor is made up of multi-strand fine copper wire of highest purity. Electrolytic copper fully annealed and bunched into a compact, cohesive and uniform conductor with extra flexibility offer up to 102% conductivity. Insulation: Specially formulated PVC compound with required physical, electrical and thermal properties are used to insulate the bunched conductors. Special additives are used to ensure low/almost nil water penetration/absorption. Sheath: 3 cores- red, yellow and blue as per colour code, are laid side-by-side touching each other. They cores are perfectly straight and axially coplanar to maintain correct dimension, they are further sheathed with specially developed PVC compound.